The Best Party Rooms in Causeway Bay

A rainy day is the perfect time to snuggle up with a book and a cup of coffee. But, if you want to do something a little more exciting, try visiting a museum.

The district of party room Causeway Bay is home to unique party spaces that can be rented for a few weeks or months. These include old warehouses and apartments. You can find these venues on Storefront.

The Roomss

The Roomss is a party venue that only requires two people to enjoy the entire room. It has four different themed rooms: the ‘Causeway Bay’ room, the ‘Camping’ room, the ‘Movie Movie’ room, and the artistic ‘Wooden’ room. It is a great place to spend some quality time with your friends and is perfect for those who do not want to pay for a full-on party room.

Located right behind Sogo in Causeway Bay, Store Party Room is the perfect spot to escape from the hustle and bustle of this busy shopping district. The cosy atmosphere and laid-back vibes will make you feel at home. There are also a wide selection of entertainment facilities including an automatic mahjong table, pool table, Switch, darts, and karaoke.

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One of the most popular party venues in Hong Kong, GoNature is a great choice for nature lovers and thrill-seekers alike. This unique location offers a wide variety of attractions and amenities, including exotic animals, thrilling rides and delicious restaurants. It is also a top option for milestone birthdays, with many exciting packages and decorations to choose from.

Located near the party room Causeway Bay MTR station, this unique Hong Kong party venue features three cosy spaces for guests to let loose. Its amenities include automatic mahjong, PS5, a pool table and beer pong. Guests can also enjoy karaoke and movies broadcast on a projector screen.

The Roomss is a fun, aesthetically-pleasing space with symbolic decorations and exposed brick walls. It is perfect for small groups and parties, with a range of games to keep guests entertained. This cool space also has a range of drinks and snacks, including cheese tofu and samosas. The venue can be booked quickly through a peer-to-peer platform.


Sweatpants, a warm beverage and a good game are the perfect ingredients for a rainy day. Party rooms in Causeway Bay offer a wide variety of activities that will keep you and your friends entertained. You can hone your vocals at karaoke, play video games or enjoy a movie broadcast on a projector. Some venues also provide snacks and drinks.

Blackroom is a unique event space that offers three cosy yet versatile rooms that allow partiers to let loose with a mix of games and facilities. The venue features a 1.5m-high Kerplunk, a 1.8m Jenga tower, pool tables, two projectors for movie nights and more.

You home@ party room is a trendy, cosy venue that can accommodate up to 45 people. The venue has a variety of activities for all age groups, including a rooftop BBQ space. The venue can be booked for birthdays, after parties and more. Catering can be arranged for a minimum booking of 10 people.

Ocean Park

The park is a marine mammal park, oceanarium and animal theme park that features a variety of world-class rides and attractions, divided into the Waterfront and Summit sections. It is operated by the Ocean Park Corporation, a statutory board that serves non-profit making purposes.

This hipster-style party space boasts three cosy rooms fully loaded with games and facilities for partiers to self-entertain for hours on end. These include a giant 1.5m-high Kerplunk and Jenga tower, pool table, two projectors for movie nights and PS4, plus an induction cooker – perfect for hotpot dinners. There are also plenty of comfy benches and a balcony area for drinks in the evening.

This unique Hong Kong party room offers karaoke, beer pong and pool table for guests to enjoy with friends! The Roomss is the ideal spot to relax with a cold beverage and unwind after a busy day. It also offers various other services to keep you comfortable during your stay, including free Wi-Fi and daily housekeeping.

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