How to Turn a Room Into a Party Space

This woman-owned full-service New York party company goes all out. They’ve styled room parties for celebrities, tweens, and even dogs.

Window treatments can help control the lighting and ambiance of your room during a Party Room Choose materials that are durable and easy to clean.


With a bold theme and simple decor, a room can be transformed into a party space. Whether the event is for children or adults, a few key items will create a festive and fun atmosphere.

Use candles to set a romantic vibe or add fun pops of color with a candlelit balloon display. If you’re having a girly or feminine theme, consider using flowers, paper cutouts or lace to accent your decorations.

For an easy and affordable way to fill the space, hang a few banners or backdrops that tie into your theme. Use a scaled drawing to separate the room into sections based on activities, such as dancing, opening presents and free play. Each section can be visually separated by hanging streamers or car printed banners.


A room dedicated to parties needs to have more than just recessed lighting. Bright overhead lighting can kill the mood. Use dimmers to adjust the ceiling lights and choose lamps with a warm light to keep guests comfortable.

Make sure the party area is convenient to your kitchen for easy food preparation and service. A top choice for a party room is the dining room, second den or another space that functions as a gathering room during the week.

Often times party lights can be rented from local event companies who specialize in LEDs and other types of lighting that can change colors with the push of a button or be remotely controlled. This technology is even used at large events and concerts. During key moments the lighting can illuminate wristbands and lanyards with special effects.


Inflatables are an essential part of any party, and they come in all shapes and sizes. The most important thing is that your guests have a good time and feel safe while playing on them. It’s also a great way to get kids and adults active, which is something we all need more of in our lives!

Many inflatables have different rooms, which can help prevent big kids from trouncing little ones. This is especially helpful for smaller children who can easily be knocked down while bouncing around.

Most Jump and Jack’s parties are two hours, with one hour of jumping and a private party room for food, opening gifts and cake. Please select your desired party option at the time of reservation. Thanks!


Add elegance to tables with table linens that complement the event space, venue, and theme. For a sophisticated partyscape, choose a white or ivory satin table cover to set off the other table accent pieces on the table. If your event is a romantic wedding or exotic evening event, choose premium taffeta or velvet table covers.

Whether you are using them to protect your tables or to establish a theme, table linens do more than just look good. They also support the mood or theme of the event and convey to guests what the party is all about. For example, a long damask tablecloth signals a formal event while a checked tablecloth suggests a casual picnic.


Bright balloons are a surefire way to bring a fun, unique feel to any Party Room. They’re inexpensive, colorful, and make any celebration memorable. They also work well with a variety of themes, such as pirate or cowboy.

Consider custom-printed or personalised balloons to add an extra dimension to your party decorations. These can be made from either latex or foil and are available with a range of messages and designs to suit any occasion.

The easiest and most affordable way to decorate with balloons is to purchase a curated arrangement. Choose from a selection of printed mylar and latex balloons that come with ribbons and a personalized message. Alternatively, you can build your own balloon creations using our DIY guides and tutorials. These include balloon arches, columns, and garlands.

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