How to Style a Party Room to Match the Theme

Room parties are a popular partying style for fans of pop culture and fandoms. They are held in hotel rooms where fans can get together and socialize with fellow fans from all over the world.

Some rooms have extra features like a pool or large patio that make it a great place for a party. When planning your home party space, look for features that can serve other purposes as well.

Decorate the Walls

Styling your party room game idea to match the theme doesn’t have to be difficult. With careful planning and creative ideas, you can transform the space into a stylish setting your guests will love.

Hanging wall decorations, such as signs and posters, banners and balloons is a great way to add party flair to any room. However, if your walls are painted, use caution when hanging decorations as tape can damage paint if not removed quickly. Opt for poster-hanging tape, available at craft stores and party supply stores, which is less sticky and reduces the risk of pulling paint off of painted walls.

Start your decorating in the entryway to make a grand impression on guests as they enter the space. Hang a welcome sign and a large bouquet of balloons that fit your theme to instantly set the tone for the rest of the event.

Hang Photos

Displaying photos at a party is a way to add personal flair and create an eye-catching focal point. For a family reunion or graduation party, hang photos of attendees and designate one group of pictures to each number from 0 to 9. Have guests help you hang the photos for an entertaining pastime and an opportunity to share fond memories. For a whimsical touch, use a balloon bouquet that incorporates photos printed on the inside of helium or air-filled balloons for a colorful photo display and decor idea. A framed cluster of photos also works well on a wall and can be designed in various patterns, from a grid to a circle.

Add Balloons and String Lights

A bright focal point can be just the thing to pull your party together. These colorful spheres were the perfect addition to this industrial wedding space, complementing the quirky vibe with their glimmering design.

Inflate balloons and tie them with decorative ribbon for a simple accent. Try wrapping 1-2 in (2.5-5.1 cm) pieces of washi tape in your party colors around the stems, or tie multiple strips of ribbon 5-8 in (13-20 cm) long to each balloon for a colorful floral look.

Balloons can also make an eye-catching backdrop for a photo booth, a designated table at a wedding, or even the main party room. Mix and match colors to create a vibrant display, or try unique shapes like this unicorn balloon arch kit from Shimmer & Confetti. If your venue has a staircase, consider tying balloons to the banister for a spirited touch. Just be sure that they don’t obstruct the path or pose a tripping risk.

Decorate the Floor

If you enjoy entertaining and spending time with friends, consider converting one of your rooms into a home party room. Many people choose to turn a dining room, living area, or additional den into their party room game idea. Others build and remodel their homes specifically to include a party room.

No matter your budget, there are simple ways to transform your party space into a romantic candlelit sight straight out of your favorite rom-com. Set out a variety of candles in all shapes and sizes to create a cozy ambiance that’s perfect for intimate gatherings.

If you’re having a casual, lounge-like affair, allocate floor pillows throughout the room to give guests an extra place to sit. This makes the room feel more comfortable and inviting for everyone to relax and chat. Providing conveniently located trash receptacles helps keep the area clean and cuts down on cleanup time. Also, installing frameless interior glass windows will exemplify the beauty of your home’s exterior and create a spacious ambiance in your party room.

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