How to Dress Up the Walls of a Party Room

A kids party game idea serves a variety of purposes at home. It can act as a buffet line or drinks station. It also can host an array of entertainment options, such as a pool table.

Frameless interior glass doors exemplify your home’s beauty while offering a spacious ambiance for guests to enjoy. Decorate your home’s Party Room with colors that fit the theme of your event.

How to Dress Up the Walls of a Party Room

Decorate the Walls

There are several ways to dress up the walls in a Party Room. Hanging paper decorations is one way to get the job done and can be used in a variety of ways. You can also choose to hang photos or other artwork, or you can use a string of colorful paper accessories like streamers or garlands.

If you’re using the kids party game idea for a themed event, use wall hangings that match the theme. If you’re hosting a birthday celebration, hang party-themed photos of the guest of honor. You can also purchase inflatable decorations that fit many different themes, such as an inflatable palm tree for a tropical-themed party or a pirate-themed treasure chest.

Another way to make a big impact on the room is by adding lighting. Whether you’re trying to create a disco effect or simply light up the room, creative lighting can really help focus and heighten the energy for an unforgettable party experience.

Hang Photos or Artwork

If your party has a special person (or persons) who you want to honor, hang photos of them on the walls. You can also add pictures that fit the theme of your party, such as pictures of movie stars for a Hollywood-themed party. There are several ways to hang these decorations without damaging the walls, from using tape to hanging command hooks. Before you put a nail in the wall, try arranging and moving the pictures and pieces around on the floor or up against the wall to find the best arrangement.

If you’re hanging a piece of artwork on a wall, the standard rule is to hang it with its center about 57-60 inches from the ground. This is eye level for the average height person and helps make the piece stand out. This rule is especially important if you’re hanging the artwork in a room with tall or soaring ceilings. For example, you would not want to hang a dinky 8×10 picture on a tall wall!

Hang Streamers

Crepe paper streamers are one of the cheapest and most effective party decorations, and they’re available in a wide range of colors to suit any event. You can even dip-dye them for a vibrant, unique look before the big day.

When you’re hanging them from the ceiling, make sure they’re long enough to span from the center of the room to an exterior wall and leave a little extra length before cutting off the excess. You can also separate the room into sections based on activities like opening presents, eating cake and playing pinata to visually delineate these areas from the rest of the space.

Another great use for paper streamers is to hang them on the walls to create a backdrop or tiered effect. Choose a block color to match the main theme for your occasion, or use alternating shades to add depth to the design. Our ‘Mix it Up’ streamer kit features pink, cream, peach and gold for an elegant palette that works for many milestones.

Hang a Garland

A garland can add an attractive accent to any space and be a wonderful background for photos or a doorway entrance. Whether you use fresh evergreen garlands or pre-lit ones, there are clever ways to hang them that prevent damage to walls and doors.

Nail a string of hooks to the door frame or wall where you want your garland to start and end. Hammer the nails 12 in (30 cm) apart from each other either around the border of the door or centered in the frame, so the garland can drape nicely between them.

Tie thin swags of garland over picture frames in the entry way to create a festive backdrop for greeting guests as they arrive at your home or event venue. Wired garland works well for this purpose, and you can even add a few red bows for a more festive look. You can also hang a strand of battery-operated string lights in the garland for additional illumination.

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