How to Design a Home Party Room

Whether you remodel an existing room or build one from scratch, the ideal home party space is close to the kitchen for easy access to food and drinks. It should also be near the entrance to your home so you can greet guests.

Inflatable decorations in the shape of palm trees and pirate ships fit a tropical theme, while draping tablecloths in two colors over each other creates an elegant look for an anniversary party.

Home Party Room

A home kids party game idea is a dedicated space that hosts social gatherings. It is often a dining room, but it can also be a second living area or other designated space. Some people build or remodel their homes with a party room, while others transform existing rooms to serve this purpose.

When designing a party room, consider the sort of parties that you plan to host. This will influence the sort of ambiance that you want to create. Lighting is important, too. A combination of overhead lights and lots of table lamps is appropriate, but a good way to add a touch of glamour is with picture lights that emit a warm glow.

Make sure that your party room is equipped for food and drink stations. For example, a sink can be filled with ice for soda and beer; an ottoman covered with a tablecloth serves as an easy-to-move hors-d’oeuvre station; frameless interior windows can open to outdoor areas for ease of entertaining in good weather.

Inflatable Decorations

Adding festive inflatable decorations to your party room helps you create the ideal atmosphere for the celebration. These items come in a variety of styles and sizes, so there is something to match every theme. Some items feature internal lighting for a nighttime display while others include stakes and tethers that help them stay in place during windy weather conditions.

Whether you are throwing a Halloween, Christmas or birthday party, inflatable decorations are sure to catch the eye of your guests and neighbors. Look for options that are made of high-quality materials that can withstand outdoor elements and repeated use by children. Inflatables should also be accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions for setup and inflation.

Make it look like Santa’s elves crashed into your lawn with the Gemmy Animated Inflatable Santa and Elves in Helicopter Scene. It stands 8 feet tall and is illuminated with energy-efficient LED bulbs for a fun, festive look that will have your guests wondering how the decoration got there.

Photos on the Walls

Many homeowners choose to convert a room in their home into a party space. This can be a dining room, living room or second den. If you are planning a themed party, hang photos or artwork that match your theme. For example, if your party honors the guest of honor’s parents, you might display family photos.

For a quick way to hang pictures without ruining your walls, use removable mounting tape to hold them on the backs of the frames. You can also run a piece of string or ribbon across the wall and clip them to it using clothespins or binder clips. You can twist the string as you go to give it a garland look or simply keep it straight for an even line.

When arranging frames on a wall, brain scientist Bevil Conway recommends going with an odd number of frames to avoid eye fatigue. You can also try hanging them on a grid pattern, which adds a visual interest to your party decor.


The furniture in your home kids party game idea must be functional as well as beautiful. The doorway passage needs to be large enough for the flow of guests and the seating areas should have plenty of room to accommodate a mix of people from casual friends to family members. Some home design experts recommend using a centuries old philosophy known as Feng Shui to optimize the space. This spatial Chinese design principle frowns on sharp angles and corners designed into furniture because they direct negative energy toward a specific spot in the room, but rounded pieces of seating spread a more diffuse flow of positive energy throughout the space.

The room in your home where you’re hosting the party should also have a high ceiling to avoid making the area feel crowded and claustrophobic. Cathedral, sloped or tray ceilings are the best options to achieve this effect. Keep in mind that many of your living room chairs and sofas can double as seating during the party. Similarly, ottomans and large floor pillows can provide extra seating options without crowding the party area.

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