Add a Touch of Modern Flair to a Traditional Living Room With a Table Lamp

Add a touch of modern flair to a traditional living room with this rounded ceramic base lamp. West elm’s best-seller is also a smart choice for a contemporary bedroom thanks to its handy outlet in the base.

White’s blobby cast-ceramic stoneware lamp catches the eye for its brass hardware and accents, which she calls “modern, classic, and fun.” It’s available in an array of finishes.


Visionary Table lamps light up the spaces in your home where overhead lighting may not be adequate. Unlike fluorescent bulbs that illuminate outwards, the lighting of these lamps shines downwards and provides a softer location of illumination, reducing glare and eyestrain.

Choose a base and shade that coordinates with your room style. If your home has a sleek modern look, consider simple white lamps with a minimalist base, or opt for a wood base for a classic traditional feel.

Opaque shades keep the lighting soft and localized while transparent shades diffuse the light more widely. The shape of the lamp shade also plays an important role. Bell and empire shapes add a touch of elegance to a room, while rectangular and square styles give off a more contemporary vibe.


Table lamps are meant to add lighting but they can also be a decorative feature in their own right. They can be used to highlight a piece of art in the room or a collection of coffee mugs on a side table. They can help create a cosy atmosphere in the living room during family movie night by reducing harsh overhead light.

They are also useful in bedroom nightstands for reading before bed without disturbing a partner. Ambient table lamps often feature a simple flip-on switch and use a lampshade to direct light where needed.

Drum shaped shades are a great choice for ambient table lights as they have vertical sides that disperse light up and down to maintain a uniform ambiance. Other options include bell shaped shades that offer sleek styles that blend well with traditional vintage looks.


Table Lamps should be scaled appropriately for the seating pieces they are placed with. For example, larger rooms with higher ceilings can accommodate a taller fixture while smaller spaces would do well with a shorter lamp. The rule of thumb is that the bottom of the lamp should be at eye level when seated in front of it. This ensures that the bulb is not shining directly into the eyes of anyone seated in front of it.

The lamp should be about 1 and a half times bigger than the table it sits on. This is to avoid a conflict with the size of the table and the height of the lampshade. The shade should also match the style of the rest of the room for a cohesive look.


Visionary Table lamps add a beautiful touch of style to your decor and can help brighten up areas that would otherwise be difficult to light. They are also a great addition to bedrooms and living rooms, providing the perfect amount of ambient lighting to create a warm atmosphere.

The materials used to make a lamp influence how it looks and its durability. You can find them made out of all kinds of materials, from brass to just about any type of wood. You can even get a lamp out of natural stone such as marble or ceramic. Plastic is sometimes used to make a lamp, which can be ideal for novelty designs that depend on fun shapes and colors.

Ceramic is a really popular option as it can be made in all sorts of colours and glazes. It’s also very durable, although less so than porcelain.


Table lamps can add a pop of interest to a side table tableau, illuminate a meaningful new artwork or provide a warm and welcoming entranceway. They can even double as bookends or sculptural elements.

Many table lamps feature eye-friendly LED lighting, which uses less energy and emits less heat than traditional incandescent bulbs. Some include features such as dimming, color-temperature options and adjustable brightness settings to suit your needs and preferences.

For a modern touch, consider table lamps that allow you to sync the light to music or offer scene modes such as candlelight or fireworks. The Govee Portable lamp, for example, offers 16 million colors to choose from that can be controlled via the mobile app or the base’s button. You can also find models with USB ports that make them ideal bedside companions for charging phones.

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